Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Stroll Down Bleecker Street...Part 1

Let's face it, my last few posts where kind of depressing, so I figured that I should think happy thoughts, and my thoughts are never happier than when I'm strolling down Bleecker Street in New York City. It is certainly my favorite street, and I've been playing my guitar, drinking good beer, occasionally skinning my knee, and so forth on the magical walk called "Bleecker."

So, this is sort of a travelogue for folks not in the know. A "Blogo Tour", if you will.

Let's start out at "The Peculiar Pub" a really keen "beer bar" almost on the corner of Laguardia Place. This recessed tree house has one of the coolest vibes in NYC. The carved-up wooden benches, crowded taps and Sphinx-Like jukebox envelop you as you open your beer menu, which is broken down by country. It's a mixed younger crowd and the fried mushroom appetizer is fantastic!

Right across the street is "Senor Swanky's", a righteous Mexican place that only takes cash, but has some really amazing burritos, and some pretty stellar frozen margaritas, and outdoor seating with a view of the old "Grand Union" which I think is now an "Amalgamated Foods" or something like that.

Let's walk eastward and hit some of the best music clubs around, including "The Red Lion", "Kenny's Castaways" (where I played one Sunday a month for most of my youth), "The Back Fence" and "The Bitter End." You will find therein great music, inexpensive drinks and low cover charges.

Let's take a rest and get a cup of Joe from "The Puerto Rico Trading Company" which has great coffee from every country that has the bean.

In the next blog entry we will cross 6th Avenue and explore the West side of that fabulous street called "Bleecker."