Sunday, June 20, 2010

What You're Missing (text, text,text...)

I've been living across the street from an old school that has been empty for about five years. Most mornings I would open my blinds and take a gander at the majestic old building that was erected in 1927. They recently started demolishing the building, and I have to say that it's a bittersweet experience.

Every morning around 8pm they warm up the big yellow wrecking machine as I put on a pot of coffee and get ready to sit at my window and watch old windows, desks, chairs and urinals tumble down in to the eagerly awaiting dumpsters. So far no one has been hurt in the process, but I did witness a close call. A very busy looking woman was walking in the street, texting-obviously oblivious to the awesome demolition project happening just feet away from her Blackberry. One of the workers yelled "Hey, you're too close! Cross to the other side of the street!" The woman looked up for a nanosecond, resumed texting and crossed the street-
without looking, of course.

This rather minor incident made me angry and sad at the same time. Besides the fact that she could have been killed, she didn't even take the time to stand back and witness, what in my opinion is a pretty awesome site. She couldn't stop texting for thirty seconds to at least pay attention to where the glass was flying?

And this my friends is the problem with our hyper-connected society. I've said it a million times and I'm sure many other pundits and bloggers have as well, but, my God, people, pay attention! While we are texting and calling and iConnecting, there are wonderful and horrible things happening in the world that we are missing because most of us refuse to live in the moment!

Put down your mobile device, for God's sakes, and see what you're missing!

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Rogelio said...

Well said Nick, well said...