Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time Travelling With My Cousin

So, I had this time travel dream the other night-wait that sounds like the start of terrible joke...

My dream catalog usually includes evil juggling clowns, Samaria Skeletons, Rabid Roving Dogs and the like, but this dream was very different. I actually went back in time! More specifically, my cousin, who is also my band mate and best friend, went back in time with me to see the band The Minutemen, circa about 1981 or thereabouts.

Mike Watt and The Minutemen, along with the band that followed them, firehose, are a constant inspiration to me, both lyrically and musically. D. Boon's anti-establishment, anti greed, anti stupidity tomes are a constant inspiration to me. Mike Watt's intense bass lines and arrangements give me chills. In my dream this power trio also had a keyboard player and a horn section!

In any case, the most interesting part of the dream was that my cousin and I were like voracious detectives-constantly trying to prove that we really DID go back in time and that it wasn't a dream or some kind of sham. There were the candy bars that they haven't made in 25 years, the newspapers with 1980's headlines, the terrible fashion of the time and the fact that just about everyone had a job.

The most important theme of the dream, I think, is the message of hope. I felt very good the next day and felt almost invincible. We may never know if time travel is actually possible, but I prefer to believe that it is-if only in my dreams...

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Trish Szymanski said...

Thanks for sharing, Nick. I'm a big supporter of journaling dreams.

The details about investigating on the evidence are such a fun and bizarre part of the best dreams!